Starting Out

As soon as you get in touch with us, we can arrange a meeting with you. This is normally at the property you wish to let out. During this time we will discuss your property requirements. This includes what it needs to be guest ready, talk about your budget, give you a guide to how much revenue your property expects to make and discuss your schedule.

Coming Aboard

As soon as you are happy and ready to go ahead, it’s a case of signing you on board and getting your property ready for your guests. 

Once this has all been done and everyone is happy, our talented photographer will get some snazzy photo’s before we price optimise and list your property ready for bookings. We will come up with a compelling title and description to entice those guests in across holiday platforms such as Airbnb and 

Going live!

Once the property has been freshly cleaned, the linen has been neatly fitted and the toiletries are in place, we will do a final property check before going live and we are ready to take bookings.

Each enquiry is carefully looked after. We deal with every question each guest or potential guest has for your property. Including tips about what’s in the area, where is good to eat, directions as well as anything else we think they might like to know. 

Then, after your bookings comes in, you get paid!